Missional Tribe – Stetzer/Fitch Video Launch – just a day late

kinnon —  January 7, 2009 — 3 Comments

Watch the Video @ Missional TribePart One of the video of Ed Stetzer and David Fitch in a missional conversation is up @ Missional Tribe. You can embed the video in your blog, if you'd like. That means that I could have it playing here. (Note it is available via the right sidebar on my blog site – if you're reading this via RSS.)

The reason I don't have it playing here, right now, is that I'd ask you visit Missional Tribe and consider joining this missional-focused social network.

It is in Beta stage. There are Betabugs. It is not yet what it will become – but it will only become that if good people share their missional stories, ask their missional questions, buy their missional shampoo (by the case, of course) and help us all to be better at moving back into the neighborhood. (The shampoo line is a joke.) I do hope to see you there, soon.

Do note that Ed has it up @ his blog – where there is sure to be conversation worth creating/joining. I'm pretty sure Dave will put it up @ his, too.



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3 responses to Missional Tribe – Stetzer/Fitch Video Launch – just a day late

  1. Thanks, Bill. Great video! Now I’m confused about proper etiquette. Do I post my response here? Or on the Missional Tribe site where the video is up. Guess I’ll post it there.:) Anyway, thanks for your work along with the other Tribe instigators. The site is great, and I am excited about it!

  2. Bill, I noticed this up on the various blogs but just now took time to watch. Wow, it is excellent. You did a great job of putting it together and the dialog is awesome. I do plan to embed it later today and share what I liked most about the discussion. I especially appreciated the conversation around the topic of witness and evangelism. I look forward to part two and three and I hope you have other similar projects in the works!

  3. Bill

    much appreciated, can’t wait for part two.


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