Synchroblog: Pancake Smackdown Challenge

kinnon —  January 1, 2009 — 2 Comments

Brother Maynard started it. Then Sonja @ Calacirian decided to escalate.



I’ve joined the fray.

And will declare myself the undefeated champion of pancake making.

My secret is below!


Best served with margarine. Please follow ma tante Jemima’s exact instructions or you may not be anywhere near as successful as I ALWAYS am.



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2 responses to Synchroblog: Pancake Smackdown Challenge

  1. Umm … hate to bring this up, but okay, I will anyway. So, what should those of us who are allergic to wheat and can’t have refined sugars or hydrogenated oils do? I feel left out … is there an alternative smackdown we might enter? Thanks for your consideration. B-

  2. hahahaha …

    Congratulations, you’ve hit upon the secret to serving McDonald’s at home. Is that a step forward or back?

    You do realize that serving that swill on top of your pancakes holds you liable to rule #537?


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