This is Missional Church?

kinnon —  January 4, 2009 — 5 Comments

From a Google Alert tracking of the word “missional” comes this gem:

We have made a commitment to being a Missional Church, reaching into the community and inviting people to come and experience what we are doing. We should have “standing room only” Services every Sunday. There should be a buzz in the Community about LVPC and all the wonderful activities available for most people’s needs and wishes. [emphasis added]

SadMissionalCat-2.jpg Well. No. This is not “Missional Church.” Not even remotely – though I’m sure the leader who wrote it is a wonderful person – she might want to read a little Newbigin, Guder, Van Gelder, Fitch, Frost, Stetzer, Hirsch et al – or come wander the hallways of Missional Tribe.

Though her paragraph has frightened MT’s little mascot. Poor kitty.



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5 responses to This is Missional Church?

  1. Looks interesting my friend….once it’s live, I’ll be joining. That is, as long as you can furnish me the a good selection of activities to meet my needs. I bet the site will be standing room only 😉 you know I’m being cheeky. I look forward to the site and will link up to it.

  2. The fact they used the word ‘missional’ implies they are trying to attract people who know what the word means….a very small bunch I might add.

  3. Bill,

    I love how people are mis-using and abusing the word. I saw a church, a very traditional church, call themselves missional because they sent out a mission team to another country. I had to laugh and cry at the same time.

    The ignorance is appalling.

  4. doh!

  5. Despite its use for many, many years we are only just beginning to see a deeper awareness bight. I’ve been working with a denominational resourcing board over the last two years and we are only just beginning to get “bite” on the idea that missional doesn’t mean “significant number of church programs brought together under one roof”


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