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kinnon —  January 3, 2009 — 3 Comments

In a few weeks, Imbi and I climb into a large aluminum tube with slim protuberances and make our way through the stratosphere to Salt Lake City, UT. From there, a steel clad cage with doors and wheels will take us to the elevated heights of Park City. Also in UT. We'll be going to the Festival Robert Redford built. (All the women readers may swoon at this point.) But I doubt we'll meet Bob.


Instead, we'll be hanging with John & Ed Priddy, Craig Detweiler, Will Stoller-Lee, Dick Staub and the large cast of characters who make up the Windrider Forum at it's original location. (Windrider Forum's now take place in Colorado Springs, Rome, Toronto and this spring, Prague.)

This year the Canadian contingent will be augmented by the U2 & Bruce Cockburn-loving theologian, Brian Walsh, Imago's John and Marion Franklin and the vivacious Kaili Kinnon. It's a busy and fun week @ Sundance.

If you've been following for a while, you'll know that Imbi produced the Windrider @ Wycliffe event this past September. It came out of our participation @ Windrider last January.


Click to visit. It's worth it.

Windrider Forum is now available for sampling at a very good website built by Greg Bayne. A post from Windrider co-founder, John Priddy (who oversaw the site building), gives you a little background on the Windrider story. (For more insight into Windrider, watch the interview by Dick Staub of John & Ed Priddy – that John links to in his post.)

For those of us engaged in the missional conversation, Windrider is an important point of cultural conversation. Watch this video with Vince DiPersio talking about backyard cinema. Really listen to the neighbourhood story. It's good stuff. (I shot the video in our living room, moments before Vince grabbed a cab to the Toronto airport.)

We will be doing video reporting from Sundance this year. The videos will appear on the new site. I'm also hoping to create a good link between Windrider and the Missional Tribe site. I will do my best to keep you informed.

Toronto will next experience a taste of Windrider at Refresh, Wycliffe's Spring event that will also include Archbishop John Sentamu, Bishop Graham Cray and author, William Paul Young . Imbi, Windrider Forum & the Toronto team will be showing a fabulous film, As We Forgive. The Film's director Laura Waters Hinson will be @ Refresh and may lead one of the break out sessions if she has the time. Laura's film won the Outstanding Documentary Award at the Angelus Film Festival in September. If you are in or near T-dot, you won't want to miss it.



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  1. Do you have one too many Walshes there? I think you mean, “Imago’s John and Marion Franklin”, n’est-ce pas? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    David Reimer

  2. David,
    I obviously had not had enough coffee. I’ve known John and Marion for years and only met Brian last year. Too funny but now fixed.

  3. “…known John and Marion for years…” — as also have I! In fact, was visiting with them just before the Windrider @ Wycliffe event last September. Good to bump into you! ๐Ÿ™‚



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