Pot. Meet Kettle

kinnon —  February 12, 2009 — 4 Comments

I almost laughed out loud when I read this.

…his words often lack the charitable nuance we might well hope for.

A little self-awareness might be helpful, young man. (And yes, I have intentionally not linked.)



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4 responses to Pot. Meet Kettle

  1. I did LOL. Forty-three comments over there and still they argue with a “lack the charitable nuance we might well hope for” from Jesus followers. They count as wisdom the foolishness of men.

  2. Oh gee let me guess.

    Calvinists squalling about how unfairly they are portrayed by Arminians…..I mean….WOW. How much more WOW can I go? It’s just stunning. Book after book after book after book tells Arminians and non-Calvinists what they believe and how they are barely Christians at all. And then—-the dreaded lack of nuance.


  3. In certain segments of Christendom, the Trinity appears to be Father, Son and Jean Calvin.

  4. Not fair, Bill. having been away for a week (NY city) I am out of this loop, and you won’t let me in!



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