Recommended Documentary: One Size Fits All?

kinnon —  February 11, 2009 — 3 Comments

I recently watched a very good documentary on the church @ the margins of Canadian society. One Size Fits All? is an important film. One that effectively tells the story of that part of the Canadian church that is reaching out to the marginalized – whilst recognizing its own societal marginalization. Not necessarily a popular topic for the middle class church in my country. The film features churches at work across the country.

It might be easy for my American friends to consider not watching the film. I know many feel that Canada is much too far down the post-Christian road to have any insight into the church in the States. However, my AmeriCanadian* buddy, Dave Fitch is quick to point out that Canada is a foretaste of where the US is headed. In fact, as Dave says, the Northern US is not dramatically different in terms of the church and society.

For those of us engaged in the missional conversation, this is a must-see film. Watch the trailer. You’ll recognize a number of names and faces – and meet people you need to meet. Order your copy here.

Is the film perfect? Not exactly. But Joe Manafo brings his natural talent for framing and composition to a medium he became comfortable with during the filmmaking process. And he is a gifted story teller. Which seems to make sense as Joe is one of the leaders of The Story in Sarnia, Ontario. (I’ve been shooting and directing for 30+ years and I learned things from Joe and this film.)

Joe will be sharing his storytelling gift and screening One Size Fits All? at the Vital Church Planting Conference in Toronto next week. (Feb 17 – 19). An event being put on by the Toronto Diocese of the Anglican Church of Canada and The Wycliffe College Institute of Evangelism.

Wycliffe’s John Bowen and Montreal’s Nick Brotherwood are the folk behind Fresh Expressions Canada – something you’ll be hearing more about in the coming weeks and months. (Nick is also featured in Joe’s film.)


In regards to Sarnia, I’m convinced there is something in the air of that Lake Huron city (other than Petro-chemical residue) because The Story’s Nathan Colquhoun and his storyful cast of characters are the people behind the Evolving Church Conference. An event featuring Stanley Hauerwas and Marva Dawn that will be worth the drive to the Meeting House in Oakville. (Imbi and I will be there with a crew to shoot some interviews and conversations.)

Watch their irreverent take on the event in this commercial. And make a point of coming to this one day event on March 21st.

*I call David Fitch an AmeriCanadian as he spent much of his youth in Canada and one of his parents is a Canadian.



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3 responses to Recommended Documentary: One Size Fits All?

  1. Ah, Sarnia, my home town…

    I recognized Pernell, and danged if where he was sitting didn’t remind me of an alley in Winnipeg where a band I was in was doing a photo shoot for a CD (but I’ll assume Pernell is in Steeltown).

    Take good notes for those of us who are several countries away, eh? 🙂

  2. Hey Robby – I am sitting in the alley right next to our coffee house in Hamilton. But there are many connections between The Peg and The Hammer, I would say.

    Thanks for posting this, Bill. I thought Joe did an excellent job on the film… although folks could have done with less of me probably 😉

  3. ahhh yes, i’m Sarnia bred and born and I think ur right about there being something special about that little city. Now that I’m up here at Freedomize Toronto I can see how Sarnia is a mini-bridge between American Christian culture and Canadian post-Christian culture as you described. i went back home for the weekend and preached in Port Huron, Michigan and I’m becoming really aware that something is brewing in Ontario that will help guide the next generation of Christians in America through the coming backlash. One Size Fits All is really eye-opening and I’m gratful to be part of it. If anyones in the GTA we will be screening the film after the Weekly at Freedomize on March 22 (St. Andrew’s Presbryterian Church 5pm). thanks for the review!


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