Some Writers Make Me Tear Up…

kinnon —  February 5, 2009 — 2 Comments

…and saline is really not good for my Mac keyboard. (I know there's lots more to tears than salt. Whatever.)

The twoshirts website - click to visit and to join!

Jason Coker is one of those writers. He's also the co-founder of with his wife, Jenell. You need to check out TwoShirts. If there was ever a missional enterprise, this would be it.

I met Jason at Sundance this year. (He was one of those guys asking the intelligent questions during the Windrider Forum. I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut. You can read Jason's Sundance reports here.) My regret was not spending more time with him. One of the 'gators @ MT, Rick Meigs, had been blog-conversationing with Jason earlier in the week and suggested Jason introduce himself. He did. I didn't take enough of an advantage of the time. (I can hear Napoleon Dynamite in my mind's ear.)

Jason has posted about Two Shirts at MT. Please read his post and comment there. Check out TwoShirts. (I know. It's not supposed to be capitalized.) Get involved.

And if you need your tear ducts cleaned out – read the story of Kelli and Donna @ TwoShirts.



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