The Stillers in the Super Bowl

kinnon —  February 1, 2009 — 2 Comments


OK. Really they’re the Steelers. And after Sunday’s Super Bowl, the Cardinals will feel like they’re the Stealers. But once again, the only team in the NFL I really care about, from the Kinnon family’s second home, are in the Super Bowl.

You gotta love a team that has the new President and Rush Limbaugh as fans!

Yinz* just need to know that the Pittsburgh Stillers are there to win.

*For comprehension.



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2 responses to The Stillers in the Super Bowl

  1. Republican or Democrat, Steeler or Cardinal fan,Vegan or carnivore, now is the time to give our new President the remote control.

    Gimme some uh them chips, though.

    See link to

  2. You yunz watchn’


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