This Blog’s a 4 Year Old – Explains a lot, eh!

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Four years ago right around now, the blog was birthed. My world was a rather different place then. I was a senior leader in what was billed as the fastest growing church in some significant part of the planet.

We'd moved as a family from our beloved Toronto to be a part of this supposedly collegial team that was going to have real impact. We thought the impact would be for the Kingdom. Instead, it was for a kingdom – and we apparently served at the pleasure of the royal family.

This blog was meant to show said royalty that social media had merit. Six weeks after the blog's birth the "king" cried, "off with his head." I had deigned to request answers to some appropriate questions – at least appropriate by any sane measure.

In fairness, perhaps, it was more, "having dared question the king, you are no longer welcome in this place. And, by the way, we'll be practising a scorched earth policy when it comes to your good name." Of course, the latter was not said in so many words… though it was practised.

The blog went from a way to prove the merits of social media to a place where I worked out a little of my angst around the segment of Christendom where I'd hung my hat for far too many years. Because I'd offended "a king", others who were themselves confused about their own "kingships" but had been friends of mine for years, abandoned me and my family. No returned calls. No email responses. I had become persona non grata in that purportedly Christian world.

As an aside, I now find it rather amusing that these supposed leaders who will go to Kings and Chronicles to justify their leadership style – manage to ignore the fact that the lion's share of those leaders lead the people of Judah and Israel astray. Hmmm. Perhaps it's not that amusing, after all.

In it's early days, while talking a lot about leadership, I also wrote about technology – an area in which I have some modicum of interest. But as the weeks turned into months and the months turned into years, I realized my primary focus was the church – where it was now and where I saw it headed, in my role as a child of Issachar, of course. 🙂

And that is the space that these once achievable ends now occupies. I've had the pleasure of developing great relationships with a lot of different bloggers and even the opportunity to impact one or two. This blog has allowed me to get to know people I never would have met IRL – and I'm profoundly thankful for it. Many of them have played a great role in helping me through my church detox process (The Missional Tribe Instigators, Michael Spencer, Erika Haub, Robbymac, Darryl Dash, Dave Fitch, Andrew Jones, Jordon Cooper, Ed Stetzer, Ed Brenegar and many, many others.)

My ego was stroked earlier this year when Church Relevance rated this blog in the top 60 "church blogs" in the world. Of course, I immediately began blogging much less often. And that lower rate of blogging will continue until the beginning of May, as I am producing a huge project for a large and wonderful technology client. I will blog when I can.

Thank you for choosing to read this humble corner of the interwebs. Let me leave you with a little video that shows some of the silly banners that have graced this blog. The early ones were reminders of how much I love East Africa. (The images were all taken by my wife, Imbi Medri-Kinnon – other than the Christmas tree from iStockphoto.) The image that graces the blog today was taken by Imbi on a street in London last spring. The ad on the side of the double decker bus was pure happenstance. That's why I love it.

The music clip is from Ian Thomas' band, The Boomers. The song is called "You Got to Know." Think of me singing it to the IC. Or not. And make a point of buying one or two of the Boomers albums – so I don't get hassled for the clip, eh!

From achievable ends to from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.



A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

6 responses to This Blog’s a 4 Year Old – Explains a lot, eh!

  1. Happy Anniversary, brother Bill! It has been an interesting journey for everyone these past few years. It has been a privilege for this wee Abbess to join you on the path….

  2. Still remember the feeling of serendipity in finding your blog. Happy anniversary, my friend.

  3. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite bloggers!

    The song and video are perfect.

  4. Happy blog birthday from someone who is a bit of a slacker when it comes to actually visiting your blog.

  5. Happy blog birthday Bill!

    I discovered your blog a couple of years ago, so I haven’t read about you getting kicked out of your kingdom yet. Nor do I know the ending.

    What I do know is I’m richer for having found your blog, and I hope we readers continue to make your journey a bit more pleasant.

    Blog on!

  6. Bill,
    Has it only been four years? Seems like a lifetime.
    Your constant questioning of the status quo and the standards that passes for excellence in many sectors of the church has been a voice that has impacted many of us. You aren’t a lone voice crying in the wilderness, but a messenger of a church that is being created right now. Thanks for your encouragement and friendship.


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