Drudge, the iMonk & Monitoring Christian Science

kinnon —  March 10, 2009 — 2 Comments


If it weren’t for my good young friend, Will, I would have missed the fact that the iMonk hit Drudge – with an article in the Christian Science Monitor. How cool is that!?

This isn’t the first time that Michael Spencer has appeared in a major news outlet, but I do believe it is the first time an article has appeared under his byline. Congrats, Michael.

So. Mr. iMonk. When are you going to write that book, eh?!

And if you’re wondering how I could have missed this, well, let’s just say I haven’t read Google Reader in seven days. And it’s not a fast. Just a lot of work – along with four days in the Pacific North West.



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2 responses to Drudge, the iMonk & Monitoring Christian Science

  1. good to see the iMonk being recognized in high profile. Don’t think he will write a book though… doesn’t appear to be his style.

  2. I”m hiring Bill to edit my blog posts into a book. And translate it into Canadian.


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