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kinnon —  March 21, 2009 — 2 Comments

Ed Brenegar is a good friend I met through blogdom on these interwebs. He’s provided me with wonderful wisdom both personally and via his blog. Today it’s via his blog. I’m running out the door to The Evolving Church conference (and will back hard at work later today, Dave.) Read Ed on Three Communities and Change. (Clay Shirky was one of the triggers for his post.)

The business and governmental institutions of our world as currently organized are incapable of adapting to the rapid changes that have been happening in global society. And I would add to this list traditional social, educational and religious institutions as well.

Each is attempting to survive in a time of chaos. Each attempting to find some sort of continuity from day to day, from one crisis to the next.

Many of these institutions since the end of the Second World War have lived in an era of expansion of their programs and complexity of their organizational structures. As they have grown, operating efficiencies have provided these institutions financial capital to expand their reach. All that is now ending as global economic contraction happens.

Please read it all.



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  1. Awesome. Great connecting today. Thanks for the chat.

  2. I look forward to more conversations, Tim.


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