The New Alternate

kinnon —  March 24, 2009 — 6 Comments

Perhaps it’s just me. And I have been working really long hours. But this just struck me as funny.

…he and Erwin McManus are taking an alternate route away from the popular “multi-site” road. Rather than use a video feed for the many Mosaic campuses like most multi-site congregations who use a central pastor on video, Mosaic has opted for using speakers from individual sites. This allows many people to receive training in both sermon preparation & presentation. [emphasis added]

Imagine that. A really live preacher. In a real live location. Dang. What will they think of next?



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6 responses to The New Alternate

  1. Cutting edge! When is his book on this going to come out ?

  2. Your tag line summed it all up! Wonder how the people will respond to having someone able to watch them during the sermon?

  3. I’m pretty sure that this is the way Community Christian Church in Illinois has been doing multi-site since day one.

  4. Not to mention training up new leaders in preparation and speaking. It’s genius!

  5. Susan. Your back!!!!

    Barry, Indeed.

    Curt, how New Testament of them.

    Jan, those Californians are so dang innovative.

  6. Bill, you cynic. Anytime some gets really innovative someone else has to take cheap shots. I mean, come on! These guys are bucking the trend! They are returning tot he spirit of the first century church! They are embracing.. or re-embracing.. an authentic priesthood.. er, of priests! Think how much less boring it will be to meet for coffee after the morning service and rip apart a real live preacher, instead of that after the movie feeling of critiquing a hollywood production. Why, I think this is moving us entire inches toward genuine ecclesial expression. That leaves only 999,999 miles to go. Damn Bill.. get with the program 😉 (I wonder if this also means they stop selling popcorn and snacks…)


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