Creeping Back to Blogging or Grün and Bear It

kinnon —  April 25, 2009 — Leave a comment

The huge project has been completed. Some hiccups. Many kudos. Little sleep. Recovering @ the Falsons in LA for a few days and then the Lindblads behind the Orange Curtain, for a few more.

This first post in weeks is stolen from my beautiful and gifted wife who just sent this to her three children and exhausted husband. (She is but a few yards from me.)

From Imbi:

I am reading a book by Anselm Grun, a German Benedictine Monk called “Images of Jesus” (while sitting out by the pool in an LA backyard, that has a lovely courtyard effect – bougainvillea, orange trees – paradise in short.)
I am reminded of a recent sermon from Barry Parker, “Do you have life or does life have you?” (Trade the word life for any situation you find yourself in.)
From a chapter called “The Jesus who leads to life”.
In the gospel of Luke, Jesus shows himself in the most varied ways to be the one who leads to life, the author of life. He leads us to life by seeking what is lost in us and restoring us to wholeness. He gives us life with his words and his attitude to life. Jesus wants to open our eyes to true life, particularly in sayings which initially alienate us. He provokes us, so that we become open to authentic life. He opens our eyes so that we discover everything in ourselves that we haven’t lived out. Often life drags us along; we haven’t really got hold of it. Jesus urges us to have lives of our own. He encourages us to go our own ways. Only by doing that will we come alive, bear witness to life. Unfortunately many Christians don’t understand Jesus as one who leads to life, but rather as a refuge from life….. Jesus is where life is, not where for fear of life we escape into pious rules. Jesus urges us to dare to live our own lives without constantly paying heed to the opinions of others.” P 126



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