And A Little Lyle Lovett @ Church

kinnon —  May 28, 2009 — 3 Comments

And no my dear preaching friends, this isn’t a shot at you – unless you never stop preaching, of course. πŸ™‚



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3 responses to And A Little Lyle Lovett @ Church

  1. I love that song!

    The only country artists I can stand are Lovett, Nelson, and Yoakam.

  2. My first date with Ginger was to see Lyle Lovett, then a relatively unknown artist, at a little club in Fort Worth, Texas called the Caravan of Dreams. He helped me win her heart and we have seen him at least once every year since. Lyle rocks.


  3. Milton,
    I would drive 10 hours (or more) to see him by himself and 24 hours to see him with the Large Band.

    My kids are also fans. They’ve grown up listening to him on our long drives. “Can’t Resist It” is my all time favourite LL tune.

    We (as a family) once sat through a more than two hour sermon in Pittsburgh. We were too polite to leave unlike half the congregation. (It’s a Canadian thing.) That’s why this song has always resonated. The vocals kill me as well.


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