Dale Carnegie Died on the Day of My Birth

kinnon —  May 19, 2009 — Leave a comment

Which may say a lot about my personality type. Or not.


But the info comes from plugging my birthdate into Wolfram|Alpha.

Which also tells me I was born on a Tuesday.

Though I must be the exception to the rule that “Tuesday’s child is full of grace.” (I used Google for that reference.)

Wolfram|Alpha ain’t Google, but it is a cool “computational knowledge engine” with a healthy portion of Wolfram Mathematica under the hood.

Stephen Wolfram is the genius behind this computational knowledge engine. He’s 12 days younger than Imbi and born on the same day as Rebecca de Mornay. Imbi, by the way, was born on a Monday. And “Monday’s child is fare of face” certainly applies to her. (When I plugged Monday’s Child into WolframAlpha, it came back confused. “Wolfram|Alpha isn’t sure what to do with your input.” Google to the rescue.)

When I type Toronto, Ontario (my home town) into Wolfram|Alpha, I discover the city has 4.612 million people with the Metro area being 6.324 million. Chicago has a smaller city population of 2.843 million people – but it’s metro area is almost a third larger @ 9.278 million. All this info just by plugging the city and province/state into Wolfram|Alpha. W|A also tells me that Chicago is 4ºC warmer today. But I bet it’s windier. 6 meters/sec windspeed in Chitown. W|A doesn’t say for Toronto.

Go have some fun.

UPDATE: More (and better) Wolfram|Alpha blogging here.



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