Hymns From My Late Thirties: Pass Me Not

kinnon —  May 24, 2009 — 5 Comments

OK. The title’s a rip off of my friend, Brother Maynard’s Hymns of My Youth series. Although I do remember a lot of the hymns from Sunday School days as a child, along with the creeds, I really wasn’t brought up in the church. Had I been, I might have recognized Fanny Crosby as one of the great hymn writers, and the song below as one of hers.

Pass Me Not is a song from a recording Imbi produced and I directed for Maranatha! Music in the 90’s called Live Worship with Joseph Garlington & Covenant Church of Pittsburgh. It was one of two live worship projects we did with M!M, the other being Chris Falson & the Amazing Stories. Charisma Mag called the latter, for what’s it worth, the best of its genre. Word, distributors for M!M at the time, did next to nothing in marketing these projects. Oh, well.

Last week @ the Refresh Conference @ Wycliffe, Duke Vipperman and I were in a conversation about music and ended up talking about Pass Me Not. Bizarrely, about three minutes after we talked about Crosby’s song (and I raved about the B3 playing in the version below) we heard the worship leaders in the afternoon session lead the gathered in Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior. Though the arrangement was of a more “traditional” approach.

This version features the wild and wonderful playing of John Cannon on Hammond B3. John attended the Music School @ the University of Michigan on a violin scholarship and then Julliard for piano. His primary love is classical organ, but he’s made me weep playing Beethoven in a worship service on an acoustic grand – and I’m not a great lover of classical music.

This song also features an unrehearsed call and response between the amazing vocals of Joseph Garlington and the great guitar playing of Danny Shields.

My good buddy, George Furlow weaves his tenor sax throughout the song.

The song was arranged by John Cannon and bassist Danye Roaché (who was the music producer) along with Joseph Garlington. Enjoy.

Pass Me Not – Joseph Garlington & CCOP from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.



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5 responses to Hymns From My Late Thirties: Pass Me Not

  1. Fantastic Bill! We had the windows rattling here in Delta.

  2. Emily Millard May 30, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed that! Will have to get myself to a gospel church sometime… 😀

  3. Thank you for the memories! I was raised in the church and I know this hymn well! The pathos are immediate.

  4. Judith,
    Thanks for the comment here and @ TP’s. Much appreciated. Glad you like Pass Me Not. I get a kick out of seeing my little blond haired moppets grooving to the music in the vidoe – as they are all now full grown – and grooving to their own music. (They even play in church on occasion.)

    Covenant Church of Pittsburgh had a profound impact on all of us in the previous millennium in terms of music, racial reconciliation and our faith.

  5. I’m a young member of Covenant but can remember the days at Wood Street. I wanted to hear our version of this hymn and I was overjoyed to find it online. Thank you so much for posting this.


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