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kinnon —  May 19, 2009 — 7 Comments


Back in the previous millennium, I had an evangelical church-going fellow attempt to rip our company off for $46,000. He only succeeded in stealing 6,000 from us. (His company was receiving a 10% finders fee on work we were producing – but, against Imbi’s better judgment, I foolishly agreed to let the money flow through his company from the client. They had paid him the full amount early in the process which I only discovered after months of his lying that he was waiting on them – discovered when I called the client directly. He completely freaked when I told him I was going to do this.)

He recently asked to connect with me via LinkedIn. The LinkedIn connection point, his thieving company that ended up in bankruptcy. (He apparently suffered no particular harm in that bankruptcy – though I know others who did.)

So. What do you think? Should I link?



A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

7 responses to I’m Just Asking

  1. I guess because LinkedIn connects networks of people, I’d consider whether I wanted to connect him with the people in my network. It’s kind of an implicit recommendation, I think…

  2. No way would I want to be part of his network. Just saying…..

  3. Well … it kind of depends.

    Have you been reconciled with him? Have you seen a change in his behavior that indicates his understanding of how to behave ethically?

    If you could answer yes to those questions, then I’d say yes you should connect with him.

    If things are still the way you left them (e.g. broken), then perhaps not.

  4. to quote one of my esteemed Dutch friends from Rotterdam:

    “No freakin’ way”.

  5. I don’t think I would because it would be an endorsement of sorts. Unless like what Sonja has said there has been reconciliation and he has repented (and provided restitution).

  6. If I were to point you to this fellow’s info you’d see he’s always been a successful business person (right out of the womb, I’ll bet) with never a problem in that world.

    I posted this under “sarcasm”, btw.

    I’d only join his network to warn other people about him.

  7. In that case, I wouldn’t link to him … you’d be seen as a crazy person (at best). Your voice would go unheeded. It could be viewed as vengeful and mean.


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