Kaili and Robyn in Africa

kinnon —  May 14, 2009 — 1 Comment

Botanical-gardens-bests-12-225x300 My beautiful and only daughter, Kaili* and her best buddy, Robyn are in South Africa, volunteering at an AIDS orphanage called Sparrow. They are adjusting to a different culture – where relationships are more important than schedules – and it is not always easy for these two highly motivated and high energy young women.

Kaili fell in love with Africa when our kids joined us in 2002 for almost two months in Kenya, one of the times Imbi and I were teaching a media course @ Daystar University. Kai has been desperate to go back since then.

South Africa is not Kenya – but it is an African nation that has also captured Imbi's and my hearts – and that love for it has infected Kai and our boys. She has wanted to go since my first trip in 1996 (when she was five).

You can follow Kaili and Robyn's story at their blog.

(*Kaili's name reflects Imbi's Estonian heritage and is pronounced KY-lee. The K is almost a G sound, but not quite.)



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  1. Lived in Cape Town for a couple years. My wife is from SA. We miss living there and go back as often as we can. We left a lot of wonderful friends and family behind.


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