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"Some of my best friends are Neo-Reformed" – Dave Fitch on The Gospel Coalition [HT Triple D] Some of my best friends are Neo-Reformed, too.


My two volume copy of Calvin's Institutes arrived from Amazon. Now I need to read it. Thanks to John Armstrong for prompting the purchase (along with my Neo-Reformed friends, Triple D and DannyMac).

One of the most gifted people I know, futurist Brad Sargent with another must read, My Big Bad Beatitude, Harry Potter and the Resolution of "Narrative Misdirection" (Brad's had some recurring health challenges and his finances have taken a pretty huge hit. If you could, hit the PayPal link on his site and help a brother out, please.)

Please make a point of visiting the blog of my daughter, Kaili and her best friend, Robyn as they work @ an orphanage in Johannesburg, SA.

If you are at all interested in insight into the controversy in the Anglican Communion, the Anglican Communion Institute site is a must read. (Disclosure: Imbi and I are working with ACI on a series of DVDs that features NT Wright, Lord Carey, Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon, Dr. Ephraim Radner, Dr. George Sumner and others.)

My Left Coast buddy, Mike Todd has an interesting discussion going on the Atonement. I respond a couple of times in the comments. Triple D responds in the comments and at his blog. (As usual, Darryl is way more gracious than me.)

Ben Myers has written The Parable of the Great Theologian. (Kind of fits with my Missional Gurus post of old – though Ben's much more creative.)

The best Random Linkster on these here interwebs is Brad Boydston. He and his dear wife are leaving Guam for a missional church plant in the financial hurting city of Phoenix.

We kind of force fed our kids a lot of the music Imbi and I love. A a result, they are fans of folk like Lyle Lovett, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald and Eric Clapton. Andy Crouch has a good post on the impact of engaging your kids with good music.

Furthering my love for Lyle Lovett, er, Lyle Lovett's music check out I've Been to Memphis – featuring the killer keyboarding of Matt Rollins and Lyle's great acoustic playing. And if Lyle's not to your liking, perhaps you'd prefer a dancing cockatoo.


UPDATE: Oh. And One More Thing. THIS Changes Everything. [HT for video]



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