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kinnon —  May 23, 2009 — 2 Comments

Read this poem from John Frye, Passion.

My ‘gator Sis, Peggy knocks it outta the park with the Next-Wave cover story. (And Jonathan Brink’s comment on a comment had me laughing out loud – which hurt ‘cuz I have a headache. Bad Jonathan. JB recommends watching BoD NTW here.)

My iPastor, TommyMertonHead, is doing a series on The Jesus Disconnect. Please read it.

My 18 year old daughter, Kaili is in South Africa doing short-term volunteer work at an HIV/AIDS orphanage (and wants to stay on longer – please pray for discernment on this.) You can follow her story here. (She’s volunteering along with her best-buddy, Robyn.)

Is this “truth” or just marketing fiction; Derek Webb’s Stockholm Syndrome.

Ed Brenegar and Bob Sutton both recommend this book, In Pursuit of Elegance. I’m ordering it for the Kinnon designers, Imbi, Kaili and Rylan. Note that Ed B has a week of book reviews up at his blog. Please read them all.

Speaking of Kinnons, Liam’s blog is always worth a read – with some lively discussion in the comments. Liam is once again a permanent resident of Toronto. There’s a lot more music happening in the studio these days.

Nashville, the Silicon Valley of the music biz according to Richard Florida.

I love Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools blog.

Grant McCracken quotes A.O. Scott on Dan Brown (as I tweeted last night):

I have not read the novel by Dan Brown on which [Angels & Demons] is based. I have come to believe that to do so would be a sin against my faith, not in the Church of Rome but in the English language, a noble and beleaguered institution against which Mr. Brown practices vile and unspeakable blasphemy.

I like this blog, a lot.

John Stackhouse on Seminary. Read Will Willimon, too – here, here and here. (I’m married to a recent seminary grad – with a Master’s in Theological Studies – and now I’m off to continue editing her documentary on the church in the 21st century – my headache having abated whilst typing this post with one hand while lying on my bed.)



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  1. As to the Derek Webb stuff, all I can say is, I’m on his email list as well as following him on Twitter, and the two emails to which you link went out exactly like that to his readers. It could be a stunt, buy anyone less likely just to take the marketing hype route than Webb I find hard to think of. There have been hints in previous emails about conflict over the new CD. Again, it could be marketing, but it rings true to me. Maybe I’m biased.

  2. Bill,
    thanks for the link and recommendation.
    Love the AutoTune News.


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