A Quick Word on Missional from Steve Hayner

kinnon —  June 1, 2009 — 2 Comments

Being “missional” almost always defaults to doing a few more programs, instead of seeing ourselves (both individually and corporately) as missionaries to our own culture and across cultural barriers. Pastors are “affirmed” if the club thrives (measured by the numbers in worship and education programs, the balance of the budget, and the upkeep of the buildings) rather than if the Kingdom is advanced. We “commission” people mainly to hold office in the club rather than to pursue Christ’s call to live out our faith in homes, neighborhoods, businesses, and “third spaces” (stores, recreation, etc.) in our communities.

Bottom line: I am constantly looking for help in encouraging this identity shift. There are a growing number of books available, though like most great books on marriage, they are most useful for those who identify most with the experience of the authors. Transformation takes a more personalized path than the one-size fits all approach. And a whole lot of people don’t read books anymore anyway.

From PGF Outbox. Steve Hayner is an Associate Professor @ Columbia Theological Seminary and was President of IVCF for 13 years.



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2 responses to A Quick Word on Missional from Steve Hayner

  1. as usual bill – you got eyes to see and ears to hear…I posted this little tidbit on my blog too…more that needs to be read and pondered and acted upon.

    Blessings bro!


  2. Thanks for this excellent quote and I agree it is one to chew on. Enjoyed exploring the blog. Pax David


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