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kinnon —  June 20, 2009 — 3 Comments

26 years ago I married into a large European family (based in Europe and North America) that includes Estonians, Swedes, (a Russian or two, but we don’t talk about that) and a beautiful Slovenian, Barbara.

These two Perpetuum Jazzile videos are for her (and all of you, of course). These Slovenians can sing!!

Barb and her husband, Jaan are singers, as well, (as are most of Imbi’s extended family). They are off shortly to sing at Laulupidu, the Estonian Song Festival.

And speaking of singing Estonians, to see the power of song to change history, watch the documentary The Singing Revolution.





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3 responses to Enjoy A Little Music with Me

  1. The Singing Revolution has been sitting at our place for about a week (our library has the best DVD selection!) and we finally watched it tonight. Incredible.

    I’m curious if there have been any social developments in terms of reconciliation between the Estonians and the Russian communities who moved in during the Soviet years. ?

  2. Sarah,
    Not that I’m aware of. The Russians had a higher status than the native Estonians during the Soviet era in Eesti. There is still lingering resentment of Estonians toward Russians. Historically the Russians have been enemies/conquerors of Estos.

    The Russian community was very upset when the new Estonian constitution made the speaking of Estonian a prerequisite for citizenship.

    It’s complicated. 🙂

  3. thanks Bill for introducing me to this very talented group….love their sound.


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