Impressed with Our Boys

kinnon —  June 25, 2009 — 1 Comment


Liam and Rylan are two young men, who throughout their childhood, were told they would excel at university. They have.

Imbi and I are both proud of our sons who made the Dean’s List at their universities – St. Francis Xavier University for Li and Victoria College, University of Toronto for Ry. Well done guys!

Make a point of checking out Liam’s blog and Liam and Rylan’s music.

Not to leave Kaili out, their equally incredible sister has been away for two months and comes home next week. You can check out Kai’s blog here – of her seven weeks in South Africa.

The shot on the left is one of my favourites of the boys, grabbed by Imbi at the Furlow wedding last summer. (Liam’s on the right, Ry on the left.)



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  1. Thanks for updating us on the boys and Kaili. Exceptional they are because their parents let them and encouraged them to become so. We feel the same way about ours, and thankful for the great things they continually do.

    Our oldest, Troop, is now living in South Korea, having just finished his second day teaching English at the Leadersville English Institute. He is chronicling his experience in a blog appropriately title The Virtue of Wandering. link to Especially read his post (Ol)factory recall. It is classic Troop.


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