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Earlier this year, Imbi and I spent a weekend hanging out with Dick Staub and a number of other folk we’d never met. When we arrived at the location where were to hang for a few days, I met a few people immediately. (To understand the story, you need to also understand that I’ve been dealing with major hearing issues in my left ear since I flew to Colorado last summer whilst suffering from a double ear infection.) One of the people was a rather tall fellow named John who seemed somewhat familiar. I shook his hand in greeting and then turned back to my bags.

Into my good ear, Imbi said quietly, “Bill, that’s John La Grou.” At which point I immediately realized why he looked familiar (I just had no idea how tall he was) and I turned back to him to give him a bear hug. One of the highlights of my weekend was getting to know John a little better. (I met John through the blog world, and wrote one of the chapters in the first Wikiklesia book for which John was co-editor.)

When you view the word polymath @ Wordnik, there really should be a picture of John beside it. He’s a musican, a student of theology, the designer of audio recording preamps (that our son, Rylan, lusts after), a writer, a business owner (with his equally gifted wife, Cynthia), a vineyard owner/winemaker (again with Cynthia) and more. John spoke at TED this year on an intelligent power outlet he co-designed. Take three minutes to learn about it, please.

Click here if you can’t see the TED video.



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