Please Pray for Rick Meigs

kinnon —  June 13, 2009 — 3 Comments

I just found out (via Brother Maynard & Rob Robinson) that our good friend, Rick Meigs was badly injured in a hit and run accident earlier today.

I wanted to let everyone know that Rick Meigs was at a Motorcycle rally at Hell’s Canyon and was clipped by a vehicle whom crossed the line and clipped him head on. It was a hit and run.

He is in critical condition with two collapsed lungs and a ruptured spleen. His wife Fran is in Texas and trying to get to Baker City before they fly him to Boise.

Please pray for Rick and his family.

UPDATE: Brother Maynard has more details. See his updates, please. The prognosis is much better today. Thank you, Lord.



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  1. Oh … this is …

  2. thanks for posting this… will be praying…

  3. Thanks for sharing this Bill, we will certainly be praying for Rick. Let us know if you receive any updates.


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