Prosperity Gospel Church Leader Response #666

kinnon —  June 19, 2009 — 1 Comment

Challies pointed to an ESPN interview with the leader of a Tampa, Florida-based “ministry” known as Without Walls, Randy White. White, and his former wife, Paula are known for their extravagant lifestyles as co-leaders of the “church”. Private jets, multi-million dollar New York condos, Bentleys, Mercedes and personal body guards. All in the name of Jesus, of course.

When confronted with the incongruity between their lifestyle and most of their parishioners they trot out a shopworn statement used by most of the preachers of prosperity:

“I think people feel like you get up to preach for gain,” White said, referring to his wealthy lifestyle. “If I were in the ministry for gain I could make a lot more money outside of the ministry.”

How!? As a used car salesman? That business is in the dumper. And Ponzi schemes are illegal, Randy.

I’ve heard this statement from far too many of these clowns. They expect their people to believe it, but it simply isn’t true.

They’ve made their ill-gotten gains by selling “God’s Favor.” The First Amendment of the US Constitution (Separation of Church and State) has protected the US prosperity practitioners from investigation by the IRS as they claim “religious persectution” when dared to be questioned. Just look at the responses to the investigation of White and others by Senator Chuck Grassley.

A word of advice to those who I know have heard the nonsense statement from their “prosperity preachin’ pastor,” “I could make a lot more money outside of the ministry. Ask them how. And then find a church where the gospel is actually preached.

The NakedPastor’s artwork from today seems particularly appropriate.




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  1. There was a recent story in Florida on Robert Tilton. His mansion was broken into a few months ago, they were tied up and there was almost a kidnapping.

    Tilton has been so discredited the break in didn’t even make the news.

    He and his third wive put the mansion up for sale. He makes a lot of money in direct marketing/nutitional supplements but is online and on BET still peddling his prosperity gospel.


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