Some Things to Read Whilst I’m Moving Things

kinnon —  June 30, 2009 — 1 Comment

I’m away for a few days moving things hither and yon. It’s also that time of year when Canadians celebrate not being Americans (or something like that) on July 1 and Americans celebrate not being Canadian on July 4th. I’ll see you in the first week of July.

But. While I’m away. You can read this very good post from Jason Coker, How Eddie Gibbs Ruined My Life. He sums up what Eddie did to him this way,

It is now my unhappy duty to admit the full extent of my condition: if only a life of vulnerable humility on the margins of society is a true witness to Christ in our culture, then the only faithful choice for me is a life of non-professional ministry. If only exchanges of grace and generosity – as opposed to market-based exchanges – can cultivate freedom, gratitude, and loyalty in relationships, then the only sane choice for me is a life of gifts.

Hence, last year my wife and I quit our big jobs at the big church and moved across the country, recklessly running the risk of exposing countless others in an entirely new region of the country to this terrible malady (it turns out, there were already many others here suffering from the same symptoms). I’ve walked away from professional ministry entirely and worked to transition into a new career field. We started a website designed to foster a life of gifts, and more recently, we’ve started meeting with a new, smaller community of faith every week in our home to explore what it means to be the people of God on the margins of society, while still affecting it with the gospel.

Make a point of reading Jason’s entire post, please – and also make a point of subscribing to his blog. He’s a gifted writer and thinker. And TwoShirts is a very cool organization.

Kind of at the polar opposite end of the Kingdom conversation is an interesting dialogue between Michael Spencer and Frank Turk. They’re talking about the best way to spank Mark Discroll for his potty mouth the appropriate way that brother Mark might be disciplined for his litany of inappropriate statements.

The iMonk suggests that MD’s elders are the ones responsible. (To which I’d say, just let them try to discipline Mark and you’ll see more of this.) Frank wants a return to the episcopate – with Johnny Mac, John Piper et al as the Bishops. In a sign that the Endtimes are near, I’m leaning a bit more to the Turk brother on this one. (It is allergy season for me, so this could purely be a response that requires medical attention.) You can follow the bouncing ball here, here, here and here so far.

A separate iMonk post brought tears to my eyes (literally).

In more recent news, Bishop Gene Robinson predicts the end of ACNA – the new not-yet-officially recognized Anglican province in North America. At one level, I do find this amusing coming from a TEC Bishop, who’s church is sinking faster than the Titanic. However, ACNA has a bomb in it’s midst that I do expect to explode. That bomb is the egalitarian/complimentarian issue.

The Anglo-Catholics are strongly anti women-in-ministry – and this isn’t going to change any time soon. I’ll give it to the mid-teens (2015ish) before ACNA splits. However, I’ll also suggest that ACNA will have grown dramatically in that timeframe and the two sides will go their separate ways in a somewhat amicable manner – agreeing to disagree, as it were. I’ve been known to be right once or twice before – so mark my words and let’s return to this in six years hence.

But on to more pressing issues – I gotta go move some things.



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  1. As usual your comments are far too charitable. Thanks brother


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