Todd Hunter – An Interesting Trajectory

kinnon —  June 19, 2009 — 2 Comments

Part of my Christian past includes significant impact from John Wimber and the Vineyard. (I became a Christian in Toronto 27 years ago when David Watson, an English Anglican evangelist and rector of St. Michael le Belfrey in York was leading an event called Joy in the City. Watson and Wimber were close friends. I read about Wimber in Watson’s books and the rest is history.)

After Wimber’s death in ’97, Todd Hunter became the National Director of the Vineyard Movement until 2000. Before my two year involvement with Allelon, Todd was its Church Planting coach. From there he went on to lead Alpha USA. Todd’s heart for spiritual development saw him begin a movement called 3 is Enough after leaving Alpha.

Todd is also Director of West Coast Church Planting for The Anglican Mission in the Americas. And today I read that Todd has been elected a Bishop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. An interesting trajectory. Congratulations, Bishop Todd.



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  1. Interesting.

    The rumors about Todd’s status have been swirling around my neck of the woods for months. I keep running into pastors – both in and out of the Vineyard – who say, “Hey, did you hear Todd Hunter is planting an Episcopal church in (insert random SoCal city here)?”

    I don’t think many people realize just how prescient Todd has been about the trajectory of the Church over the past 15 years. The fact that he’s landed in the Anglican tradition speaks volumes about his perceptions of what the future holds.

    IMHO, you could do a whole lot worse that join the fold of NT Wright, Eddie Gibbs, and Mike Breen!

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