Armstrong Quotes Creps, Cultivating Humility

kinnon —  July 7, 2009 — 3 Comments

I’m a fan of John Armstrong’s blog. I believe John is truly a practitioner of a generous orthodoxy – and I look forward to each of his blog posts.

Early this morning, John quoted Earl Creps (who I have quoted a number of times at this humble nanonode on the interwebs). BizMan-and-Bldg.jpg

Creps says,

“The ability to admit that my ideas have a shelf life cultivates a humility that will make following Christ attractive to those walking through this epochal change.”

John adds,

I wish more leaders had this wonderful ability. I plead for it, seek it with all my heart and encourage everyone I know to embrace the fact that their ideas have a “shelf life.” In some sense, there is a “use by” date on everything we do in this world. At best we should admit that how we understand what we confess really does change, unless we want to say that what we believed twenty or thirty years ago is precisely what we believe today in the same exact way that we believed it then.

Might I also add that many of us begin down a road that brings a certain notoriety. That notoriety becomes addictive. And the only way to feed the addiction is to continue down that road – even when we discover the direction of our original thesis was wrong. We’ve already committed too much time and energy to quit now. And we’ve convinced ourselves that we “wouldn’t want to disappoint our followers”.

‘Culivation of Humility?’ – not on our watch!



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3 responses to Armstrong Quotes Creps, Cultivating Humility

  1. One of the things I appreciated about Craig Groeschel, who spoke to a church planting conference I attended in 2006: “Anything I say is only valid for 90 days.” Loved that.

  2. I’m totally on board with that kind of thinking. Nothing we say or do stands the test of time. Only Jesus is forever.

  3. Great quotes. Thanks for that.


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