La Grou reviews Hipps

kinnon —  July 6, 2009 — 2 Comments

I almost called it the John La Grou Smackdown of Shane Hipps' new book, but John is much to gracious to ever do a smackdown.


John's review of Hipps' Flickering Pixels is the cover story @ Next Wave and it's a must read. John goes in search of a cogent argument against technology from Shane, but instead finds

…weakly supported intellectual shortcuts that deliver generalities in place of thorough analysis. Many of the book’s most important points read far more like subjective bias than objective inquiry. Shane’s criticism of technology too often reduces to grand conclusions with little or no qualification – lacking even obligatory auxiliary verbs (such as “may, might, could,” etc.)

Read John's entire review, please.



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2 responses to La Grou reviews Hipps

  1. Thanks Bill.

  2. Rob Bell endorsed that book. Just who does he think he is, disagreeing with Rob?


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