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kinnon —  July 14, 2009 — 3 Comments

There was a time I blogged a minimum of once a day. I miss that time.

I’ve got lots on my mind that I’d like to blog about. Things like Katherine Schori (TEC’s Presiding Litigator) and her new definition of the word heresy. (Apparently evangelicals are heretics, in case you were wondering. At least as far as THE Episcopal Church is concerned.) Katherine might want to spend a moment or two in the New Testament. She’d be shocked at what she might learn. Her theological degree is from where, again? UPDATE: Fuller’s Rich Mouw responds to Schori… in a more gracious manner, of course.

And can someone help me understand all these posts from Brian McLaren where he declares certain people ‘getting it right.‘ (Of late, I would think Brian would want people to get things “left” – but perhaps that’s just me.) He’s got the Pope, Tony Blair, the G8 (not the one from Pontiac, unfortunately) Frances Collins, Derek Webb, Jim Wallis and Jon Stewart all ‘getting it right.’

Did I miss the memo where Brian became the arbiter of who does and doesn’t get things right? Do these people get an award when Brian says they “get it right”? Like the Templeton Prize or something. Is there money involved? I’m just wondering. Maybe I could get something right for a change. (Or something left as everything changes.) Brian’s going to be speaking at TEC’s General Convention where Schori declared evangelicals heretics. I wonder what he’ll say. Especially as Tom Wright says TEC is “leaving the family” of the Anglican Communion. [NTW quote via iMonk & Scot McKnight]

I’m almost finished reading Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck’s newest book, Why We Love the Church – which was sent to me by their publisher after I agreed to review it. I’ll have a fair amount to say about it in my review. And I’ll be quoting Umair Haque, John Medina and Clay Shirky in my comments. And referring to the People Formerly Known as meme from 2007. Stay tuned for that later this week. (I hope.)

I’ve been around a body of water known as Lake Simcoe most of the time since the end of June. I can’t remember a day when the wind hasn’t been blowing and the lake hasn’t had white caps. What’s up with that!? I understand why the MSM and certain Gore-following scientists changed their tune from Global Warming to Climate Change. It’s been years since a July in Ontario has been this cool. (Trust me, I’m not missing the humidity.)

There are so many other notes in my Blog This file, but I’ve got to run. I’ll be back later in the week.



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  1. Man I love your sense of humor.

  2. Seems that you are having fun time this summer 🙂

    @Jason yeah , he got good sense of humour.

  3. I just sent you a rough draft of one of my chapters


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