Ed Stetzer & Dave Fitch Part II (Finally)

kinnon —  September 30, 2009 — 6 Comments

My friends, Dave Fitch & Ed Stetzer in part two of their missional conversation – with the focus, Can Megachurches Be Missional?

Ed Stetzer & Dave Fitch – a missional conversation Part II from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.



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6 responses to Ed Stetzer & Dave Fitch Part II (Finally)

  1. Video looks great. Nice work as usual. The conversation was helpful although I think Fitch held back and didn’t outline his full and comprehensive thoughts on megachurches. Still a great dialogue. Thanks for sharing it Bill!

  2. Another gem, Bill. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Will there be more in this series or did that wrap it up?

  4. On the black/white breakdown, I agree with Stetzer in theory, but man, I was tracking with Fitch through the entire conversation.

    Good stuff, Bill. Thanks to you and Imbi for giving this gift to us.

  5. The thing is, Stetzer basically agreed with Fitch. He as much as said that mission does not happen IN the mega church but IN small groups that they need to run to have community.

    In other words, mega churches need to take that extra step to create a program in order to have community and the possibility of mission. Here’s a thought, why not save all the $100,000’s required to maintain the mega thingy and meet as small groups. Then once a month or once a quarter or even once/ twice a year they could plan a mega gathering.

  6. Barry, playing devil’s advocate, I am sure many would say that in their contexts it is “easier” to filter newcomers in through the big funnel of the weekend service and into groups than it is to get newcomers into groups and then to a big gathering.

    For many of the megas who think “grow smaller as we grow bigger” (which is something I remember Willow instructing at least as far back as ’96), they are banking on seekers or lost folks favoring the anonymity of a big gathering from which to observe, test, etc. over a small gathering where they’re immediately on the spot, etc.


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