Fresh Expressions Canada – Interview with Graham Cray

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As some of you are aware, there are hours of footage in the Medri Kinnon vaults waiting to be turned into finished productions. Imbi's documentary on Church Leadership in the 21st Century is probably the longest and most involved. One of the important voices in that doc and one of our favourite people on this topic is Bishop Graham Cray.

Graham, and his beautiful wife Jackie (an Anglican rector), were in Toronto for Wycliffe's ReFresh conference in the early summer and Imbi and I shot a conversation with Graham and Wycliffe's Annette Brownlee talking about the launch of Fresh Expressions Canada.

Graham was one of the people behind the Mission-shaped Church document that led to the creation of Fresh Expressions in the UK – a partnership between the Anglican Church of England, the Methodist Church and the wider UK church community. Early this year, Graham became team leader of Fresh Expressions.

In Part I of the interview, Bishop Cray talks about the history of FX, it's application in the North American context and the monetary costs of creating a local fresh Expression of Church. The interview is introduced by Nick Brotherwood, FX Canada's Team Leader (and all round good guy).

FX Canada Interview w/ Graham Cray Part I from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.



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