Rylan Turns 21 Today!

kinnon —  September 23, 2009 — Leave a comment

Our middle child (and second son), Rylan was born in the late morning, 21 years ago today. I’m convinced he entered the world talking in complete sentences – he was winning arguments with us shortly after his 2nd birthday. (We had to revert to the “because we are your parents” defence way too often.)

Ry is brilliant (Dean’s list – I’m not just bragging), funny, very musical (drums, keys, vocals, harmonies, recording engineering) & still winning arguments (with us still, occasionally, reverting to the argument above).

The shot below is from a gig he and his older brother, Liam, did two years ago – their band, Substance Over Style. Rylan, Liam and their younger sister, Kaili have a new band with the intriguing name, Kinnon – more to be heard about them at a later date.

Rylan is in his final year of his undergrad at Victoria College, University of Toronto.

His mother and I are very proud of him and thankful for what God has done and is doing in Ry’s life.





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