Fetcher & Stitch

kinnon —  October 8, 2009 — 1 Comment

Well. Maybe that’s Stetzer and Fitch. I was looking for a shot of someone else and stumbled onto this shot of Dave Fitch and Ed Stetzer from last November – when Imbi and I shot with them in Chicago. Ed is busy accessing Twitter on his BlackBerry. Of course.

They are sitting in the centre of the building where Life on the Vine meets (the CM&A missional church planting gathering where Dave is one of the team leaders).


The videos of Ed and Dave are part of the Missional Channel available on Vimeo. You can also add the Missional Channel widget to your blog, if you’d like. (For the techies in the crowd, Ed and Dave were shot in HD with Sony HVR-Z1Us.)



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  1. Bill thanks for the videos. The conversation was so refreshing. Even though there perspectives differed slightly on some topics there were really no ” dead ends.” There was a sense of working things out, finding a common ground in which to build on. Anyways, lots of wisdom, in which I’m still processing. Thanks for your gift Bill, and that you give it out so freely.


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