Musical Recommendation: Phil Keaggy & Jeff Johnson – FRIO suite

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Imbi and I met Jeff Johnson on a Kindlings Hearth retreat earlier this year. Jeff's a composer, keyboardist, writer, singer and worshipper. (He's also funny and extremely energetic – but I won't hold that against him. The cropped image to the right was captured by Imbi.)

Jeff was kind enough to send us a copy of his new CD with Phil Keaggy, FRIO suite – which we received yesterday. The recording was inspired by their "experience at Laity Lodge on the Frio River in Texas." The music was produced as a collaboration with visual artist, Kathy Hastings. (We met Kathy this summer at The Kindlings Fest on Orcas Island. She's just as much fun and artistically gifted as her good friend, Jeff.)

I'm amused that iTunes classifies this music as New Age – a category that it may fit stylistically, if not spiritually. These two committed Christians have produced an artistic work that is layered, intriguing, engaging and very pleasing. Keaggy's guitar playing, as to be expected, is as good as ever. Jeff builds gorgeous and delightful sonic environments that allow Keaggy's guitar to soar. I recommend the album highly. (I'm bound to drive my family nuts with how often it gets played. A good thing I'm up north and they are in the city – though I'm pretty sure the muso Kinnon kids will love it too.)

Available from iTunes and Jeff's label website, Ark Music. (Check out Jeff's other albums on iTunes and at Ark – he's a gifted guy.)



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