The Liturgical Triple D

kinnon —  October 8, 2009 — Leave a comment

Triple D (Dr. Darryl Dash for the non-cognicenti) is rocking the DashHouse with his liturgical must-read posts. The young man even takes on Spurgeon and lives to tell the tale. (I guess Phil hasn’t noticed yet.)

Read Spurgeon on Liturgy, Evaluating Spurgeon’s Criticisms of Liturgy and today’s The Work of the People. From today’s post,

Contemporary worship services, someone has said, can look like a rock concert followed by a stand-up comedian. This is true sometimes, but even when it’s not, it can sometimes look like the real work takes place on stage, while those sitting in rows are the audience. You can say that God is the audience, but sometimes it looks like the audience is sitting in the pews.

One of the benefits of liturgy is that liturgy can work against this dynamic.

I don’t think Triple D is leaving the Baptists anytime soon, but at some distant point in the future it wouldn’t shock me to see him in robes. I may yet live to see that day.

BTW – If you are in the Toronto area, the next Theology Pub is on October 19th. Triple D is it’s instigator. Drop me a note and I’ll send you the detes.



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