A Little Christmas Music for You & Yours

kinnon —  December 16, 2009 — 2 Comments

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In my DannyMac inspired attempt to be nice before Christmas (though I'm guaranteed coal in my stocking anyway), I thought I'd point you at a favourite Christmas album or two.

Number One at the Kinnon household is Handel's Messiah, A Soulful Celebration. Christmas begins with the Hallelujah Chorus cranked from whatever music delivering device is available.

This YouTube clip lets you hear it. Crank it up!

Number Two would be Rob Mathes' William the Angel album. Elsewhere on this nanonode of the worldwide interwebs, I've pointed you at Rob singing Chris Falson's I See the Lord. Since we had the pleasure of working with Rob back in the early mid-nineties, he's gone on to become a well known arranger and producer.

But Chrismas remains a well-loved season for Rob, with his annual Chrismas concerts in Connecticut and/or New York. (One year we will be there.)

This clip features Rob doing Wake Up It's Christmas Morning.

Here's the US iTunes link to William The Angel.

Number Three would be Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong, which plays throughout our Christmas iTunes playlist(s).

The poignant Joni Mitchell song, River, reminds us of those who don't necessarily find Christmas to be such a joyful season.

Number Four would be Michael McDonald – Imbi's and my favourite male vocalist, bar none. This clips features MMcD on ukelele of all instruments. (He must be a friend of Brad Boydston's.)

You can also grab a DVD of a concert Michael did with Rob Mathes that is also part of our holiday season celebrations.

Hope you enjoy the tunes and may this Christmas be a wonder-filled time for you and your family.



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2 responses to A Little Christmas Music for You & Yours

  1. Hey beautiful man. thanks for the great work on the forge Canada video. You are the master!

  2. Thanks for the songs. Our church enjoys Handel’s Messiah/A Soulful Celebration each Christmas. Really enjoyed McLachlan’s song, River. Everyone needs a song at Christmas, even if it is a mourning song that says there is a missed greater joy.


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