A Little Christmas Sax

kinnon —  December 19, 2009 — 2 Comments

A Saxamaphone* Quartet led by George Furlow.

George (2nd from the left) is one of my closest male buddies. We became good friends on a trip to South Africa in 1996. We then went on to spend way too much time laughing together – whether in Pittsburgh, Toronto or points beyond. (And we worked together 50% of the time from 2002 – 2004 at the church where the above was recently recorded.)

George, and Baritone player/hilarious individual, Warren Yeckel both studied with Canadian saxaphonist Paul Brodie while doing their music degrees @ Duquesne in Pittsburgh.

George has a very good "smooth jazz" Christmas album available here or on iTunes. It plays throughout the Christmas season at our place. (His other albums are also worth checking out.)

A number of the Kinnons will be descending on the Furlows this time next week. And we are looking forward to it. Hope you enjoy the tunes above.

*Saxamaphone is what GP (Guinea Pig) called a sax on the multi-award winning kids' series, Once Upon a Hamster. (We won some of those awards for our work on that show.) GP's word has gotten stuck in my head.



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2 responses to A Little Christmas Sax

  1. Bill,

    Thanks for posting the video of George Furlow. He’s a good friend of mine from when I was an associate pastor on staff at Covenant. Presently, I’m in Harrisburg, PA involved with a missional community network of organic churches, a far cry from Covenant. But George remains a valued friend even though we seldom see one another.

  2. Carman,
    Good to know that another former Covenant person has moved to a more missional approach to church. Glad you enjoyed the post.


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