I Don’t Care if CSi Can Do It, I Can’t

kinnon —  December 20, 2009 — 2 Comments

I've spent years working in edit suites – with some of THE most powerful visual tools at my finger tips. I'm just glad I don't work with clients in that environment today. (99.9% of my editing takes place by myself these days. And no, it has nothing to do with what deodorant I use. )

This kind of stuff in movies and TV shows must make editors, stuck in edit suites with clients, a little crazy [via Adobe's John Nack – original here]:

Client: "How come they can do it on CSi but you can't do it here? Especially with how much money I'm being charged per hour!"

Editor: [Sigh]



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2 responses to I Don’t Care if CSi Can Do It, I Can’t

  1. LOL … you should be in our house when those shows are on. We all sit here and crack on those with comments such as, “Wow … that is some powerful computer.” or “Cool, I wonder how they do graphics with key strokes?” and other fun sarcasm. The kids even know enough to join in …

  2. A metaphor of professional theology?


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