For I was naked…

kinnon —  January 27, 2010 — 1 Comment

…and you preached to me about penal substitutionary atonement. I was sick and you said a Biblical understanding of leadership would bring me comfort. I was in prison and you sent me a book on the Biblical understanding of membership. [link]

There is a point at which Leeman's missional slippery-slope argument borders on the insane – or at least, the asinine.

Studying this might alleviate said issues.

UPDATE: And Todd Littleton has a good post on slippage.



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  1. Bill,
    My younger brother, who is also a pastor, once wrote about one of his favorite blog writers – “I should just close my site down and link exclusively to … .” Some days I think I should do the same and just linke here. Great short post – again.


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