Thoughts @ the End of the 2nd Week of the New Decade.

kinnon —  January 14, 2010 — 5 Comments

I'm finding it hard to post this week. I've begun a number of posts and abandoned them for good, or for a more appropriate time.

I'm still troubled by things from last week that need further discussion. I'm missing the sane voice of my good friend, Michael Spencer. (Please keep praying for Michael and his family.) And the Haiti Earthquake puts the brokenness of this world into forced focus.

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A couple of quick comments then.

First, the BHT's illustrious Matthew Johnson (Twitter: @revmhj) tweeted about this post from Oak Leaf Church, Selfish Christians. Matthew liked it. I didn't and commented there. Discipleship has got to be the biggest problem in the Western Church (and probably the Church universal.) This story, More U.S. Christians mix in 'Eastern,' New Age beliefs, in USA Today from last December (that I believe Ed Stetzer pointed to) strongly makes that point.

The second comment is about Mark Driscoll's Tweet (Twitter: @PastorMark) about his plans coming together to go to Haiti with a film crew "to help raise awareness & money for the church there." Now, I don't want to question Mark's heart in any way. But I do need to ask the question of why it's necessary for anyone, other than those who are going to work on the ground, to take a camera crew to Haiti right now?

There are probably more than 50 crews already there. Producing more tragic visual impact than one could ever possibly need. Do you really need to be there to raise awareness? (Look at this post of Jordon Cooper's alone.)

Resources are already so scarce, does Haiti need any more attention-tourists arriving at this point to tell anymore stories of the horror and trauma? (@TimmyBrewster points to the fact that the FAA is not allowing anymore planes into Haiti as there is no where to put them and no fuel available for them. UPDATE: Moments after I posted this @NPRNews says aid flights have resumed.) World Vision, World Concern, the Red Cross, Oxfam and every other credible agency is there working there tails off – with people shooting what's going on. And every network is covering this tragedy as the biggest story of this still young new decade.

I doubt another "film crew" is necessary.

UPDATE: And one final thing. If you want to give X% of sales this month to Haiti, that's very cool. But do you need to make it part of your marketing communications. I find that kinda "gross" in the words of @jaredcwilson.



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5 responses to Thoughts @ the End of the 2nd Week of the New Decade.

  1. My thoughts on Driscoll exactly. You can imagine many evangelical leaders screaming out from their offices “Where’s the doggone film crew. Just when you need them, you can’t find them. Can somebody get the film crew?” I found Driscoll’s tweet irritating in the extreme. Haiti is going to bring out the worst in evangelicalism. I have also been cruising some christian websites to find out what charities they are recommending and find Samaritan’s Purse often missing. I think this is fallout from Graham’s outrageous salaries uncovered by the Charlotte Observer. Thanks for you honet post. I sort of count on you to say some stuff that needs to be said.

  2. Just when I think that I shouldn’t be so negative about Driscoll, just when I think he can’t be as bad as I’ve made him out to be, he always seems to confirm my worst suspicions.

  3. I have similar thoughts on Driscoll. I live in Seattle and have been to his church and know many people who have attended.
    Btw, have you seen this? link to

  4. When the shooting at Columbine happened here in Colorado, “helpers” flocked to the school and the surrounding area. Everyone wanted a piece of the “I was there to help” pie. It was a madhouse. That was just for a small-scale tragedy (as horrible as it was – I’m not trying to diminish it).
    Going over to Haiti , without concern for how your presence might actually GET IN THE WAY …well… just chalk up one more point on the narcissist scale I guess…

  5. food for thought.. for me.


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