Gad Zucks! Why I’m Leaving Facebook

kinnon —  May 13, 2010 — 7 Comments

UPDATE: I add this David Reimer supplied link below but think it's important enough to put it at the top of this post: Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

UPDATE 2: The always brilliant Dr. danah boyd, Facebook and “radical transparency” (a rant)


Facebook is a business. Nothing wrong with that.


The business they are in is monetizing us – our thoughts, wants, desires, internet wanderings, connections, networks… you get the drift.


My desire for privacy is something they will do whatever necessary to get around.


My privacy inhibits their ability to make money.

It would seem that Facebook makes a privacy promise and then breaks it – or at least finds a new way to get around it. Only further to anger their more intelligent subscribers.

Today they are in meetings to find a way around the latest firestorm their "privacy" settings have created.

Trust me. It's truly about finding a way around – not about protecting your privacy.

They aren't meeting about how to make their customers happy. It's all about how they can stop people from whining and complaining about them simply trying to monetize us.


All we are is marketable data to Facebook.

And that's why, as soon as I post this, I'm deactivating my Facebook account. I'm tired of getting Zucked.


Bye, Bye.

So Long.

But not fair well.

I wish Facebook a fate worse than MySpace.

UPDATE: Diaspora* is an interesting response to Facebook. We shall see what comes of it. (And yes I did donate a little bit of money to their cause. Fools rush in and all that.)


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7 responses to Gad Zucks! Why I’m Leaving Facebook

  1. buh-bye Bill Kinnon
    on The F-B.
    will still see you
    on Kinnon TV …

  2. Where are all those free-loving, open-source-promoting, techies when you need them? How come they haven’t already set up a non-self-prostituting social networking site as an alternative to fb? Or have they? Let me know if you find such a thing!

  3. If I didn’t have two books to promote, I’d join you. I am very careful not to put material on facebook that I don’t care if everyone sees.

  4. Hi Bill – you might like to add this one to your list.

  5. Brad,
    You are always good for creating smiles!

    Check out Diaspora. Lots of buzz – and hopefully some realz.

    I hear you.

    Thanks, I added it. Good one.

  6. I joined you!

    Now I am friendless.



  7. Ah, if I gave up everything that was only out for my money… The Zucker will just have to get in line.
    I also note that I have the option of responding to this post via Facebook.


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