Tom Wright’s After You Believe

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With the present discussion of N.T. Wright’s After You Believe (published as Virtue Reborn in the U.K.) I wanted to point you to Imbi’s very good review of the book here @ from back in mid-March.

Bishop N.T. Wright does a masterful sweep of ethics and its various roots and streams, calling us back to working at Christian virtue – identifying and then avoiding the extremes of grace and works – those two polarizing positions of Christian history. In fact, the book gives us a broad enough and thoroughly orthodox way forward – to begin to become who we already are, in Christ – doing so framed within the church, communally, for the sake of the world, missionally.

Read the whole review here.



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  1. We have to grow into Scripture, like a young boy inheriting his older brother’s clothes and flopping around in them, but he gradually builds out and grows up. Perhaps it’s a measure of our maturity when parts of Scripture that we found odd or even repellent suddenly come up in a new light.


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