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kinnon —  September 8, 2010 — 19 Comments


If you were to ask me what I love to do the most, it would probably be writing. Opinions, thoughts, ideas and characters dance inside my head, triggering impulses in my fingertips with words appearing on the page in front of me.

My words.

Always in need of editing.

Sometimes worth reading.

I wrote my last blog post two months ago. I did not mean to wait two months to write the next one. In fact, I’ve sat down in front of this 24″ screen numerous times and begun to write. But 140 characters seem to be about my limit. Today I will attempt to write a few more.

The easy explanation would be that I’ve had writer’s block. ‘But why?’ one might ask. There are a number of reasons.

The first is the death of my friend, Michael Spencer. I have spent hours trying to write about Michael’s impact on me and how much I miss him. One of those hours was today. I am still not able to adequately express how much Michael’s friendship and encouragement has meant to me – not to mention the influence of his writing on my life.

I’ve also been dealing with depression. (That’s not easy for me to write – as the line from 10CCs I’m Not in Love, “Big boys don’t cry” plays in the recesses of my right brain.) After avoiding it for much too long, I finally sat down with my GP (who has known me for a quarter century) and talked to her about this. The conclusion was that I’m simply exhausted – largely based on my work schedule from this past late winter/early spring. She prescribed novel reading, walking and eating properly. (With the need to come back and see her in mid-October if my depression doesn’t lift.)


Imbi and I also realized that we had no choice but to update our company website – and we spent a chunk of time working on that.

I’ve also being editing away at the 50+ hours of HD footage we shot for Imbi’s documentary on Church Leadership for the 21st Century. (Interviews with folk like Tom Wright, Dave Fitch, Andrew Jones, George Lord Carey, Pete & Kath Atkins, Graham Cray, Bishop Linda Nichols, Joe Manafo, Dick Staub, Eddie Gibbs and many, many others.)

And then, three Sundays ago, taking the shortcut to the lake front at our summer place, I slipped on wet wood – both feet coming out from under me – the resulting point of forced contact being my coccyx… landing on a rock.

As there’s not much one can do with a fractured tailbone (other than lie down and take it like a man), I have managed to read four novels (the Steig Larson Salander/Blomkvist Millenium series and the latest Elizabeth George Inspector Lynley book), an interesting book on Beer and books by James Davison-Hunter, and my friend, Dick Staub. All of them on my new cheap (WiFi-only) Kindle 3 that arrived two weeks ago – I love it. Particularly the ability to grab quotes as a text file – no more transcribing!

All of this to say that this is my first post of a number I have planned for September. I will be reviewing Dick’s book, About You and including some video I’ve shot with him in that review. (Dick is one of Imbi’s and my favourite people on the planet.)

I will also do my best to finish the post honouring my friend, the (one and only) Internet Monk.


I’ll be responding with humour to the Christian Conference addiction – partially triggered by this important post from J.R. Briggs.

Based on this FT article, I’ll once again engage the topic of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and church leaders. (My last was a year and a half ago, It’s All About Me, NPD and Church Leaders.)

I’m also somewhat in shock at the life of The People Formerly Known as the Congregation – written in March of 2007. This past Spring it appeared in a couple of Western Canadian newspapers (along with comments from Jamie Arpin-Ricci) and then last week excerpts from it showed up on a blog connected to a St. Louis newspaper as pointed out by TSK. I’ll share my thoughts on the post, 3.5 years later.


I also may finish a post called Hip:Gnosis that I began in February – though I am trying to listen to a good friend who asked me to return to blogging butnot just when your p-o’d.”

Though there are lots of things that p___ me off – grist for the mill at this small corner of the interwebs.

Back soon.



A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

19 responses to A Return to Blogging

  1. Bill:

    I’ve missed you more than you could know. Welcome back.

    Please take good care of yourself. We need you.

  2. Welcome back, Bill. I look forward to the reviews of your reading, especially the Steig Larson trilogy. I wondering if you see what I see in it.
    Rest well, and take care. God bless.

  3. Bill,

    As Darryl noted, take care of yourself. My .02 – get back to the keyboard mate. I have not had enough to link to! πŸ˜‰


  4. harooh!

    a most excellent resurrection from the dread, and looking forward to whatever and whenever, with no regrets for the whyever it was almost whynever.

  5. I think it’s perfectly alright to blog “only” when you’re p-o’d … especially if it means you’ll blog more πŸ™‚

  6. Great to have you back Bill. I figured life was very busy. I hope the derriere has healed, otherwise your lengthy update must have been a tad painful. Anyways, I missed you, and look forward to your review on Dick Staub’s book. I’ve a copy on route.

  7. About time…

    Glad to have you back. I am going to take credit for getting you to come back. πŸ˜‰


  8. I check back here every day. I was so pleased to see you’ve returned, for your insight & writing, but more so for your friendship. Welcome back.

  9. Thanks for all the kind words, friends. It’s good to be back. And yes, Ed S., you can definitely take some credit. πŸ™‚

  10. great minds, and all that. I made a similar decision yesterday.
    welcome back.

  11. Hey! Here is a refresher course for you!
    link to michaelhyatt.com

  12. Welcome back, young William. I feel your pain and pray your body heals (requiring your cooperation, of course). Let me know if you need any reminders — my ruler is always up my sleeve. :^)

    Love you….

  13. I miss your stuff and glad to have you around. Take care of yourself. And at times I find myself just sitting and thinking about Spencer. I had no relationship with him but the net. But his stuff was sort of a home for me. He maintained the necessary skepticism and stewarded the longings of the soul but never slipped into cynicism. And his wife’s blogging on the other side of his death haunt me a bit and make me look God a bit more directly in the face and ask “how could you?” and cry “please keep me from stupid religion”. Please rest, read, react, post and be well.

  14. Bill,

    Thanks for writing, and writing honestly. I can resonate with much of what you are going through, though I have yet to fall on my tailbone and I’m not reading like I want or need to. To paraprhase the United Church of Canada creed, “You are not alone. Thanks be to God.”


  15. Jerry, Peggy, Don & Milton
    Thanks for the love and care. It is very much appreciated.

  16. i am, like, totototototally on edge, waiting for the postest with the hip-gnosist! if i can find it, i’ll send yuhz the draft of a little song-and-dance number on the subject. as i recall, it was meant to have a sort of a sideshow carnival barker or perhaps a rudy vallee smooth-singin’ style. ah-hem …

    we got the gnosis
    we know the mostest
    wouldn’t you like to hear our point of view?
    cuz though you can’t be us,
    nor can complete us,
    wouldn’t you like to join us gnostics, too?

    or some such non-sense …

    hey – maybe some of that can be adapted for NPD! whaddya think?!

  17. p.s. do you think that Glee might be interested in my gnosticity musical? i’m sure they could work in slurpee-tosses …

  18. Definitely looking forward to your continued thoughts.

    But I also know that sometimes we need the space to let our thoughts unknot and find their own way back again. The Spirit does a curious work with quiet.

    Enjoy your reading, walking, and eating. Lots of water always helps me too with that similar state of mind.

  19. Later than most with this… but from the heart… good to be reading your stuff again, and sincerely hope you are recovering well from the fall… as opposed to… The Fall. πŸ™‚


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