A Book by a NakedPastor

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My friend, David Hayward has published his first book of his wonder-filled comics. (Sometimes the wonder is truly wondrous, other times incredulous but David’s cartoons are always thought-provoking… and some times tears provoking – whether from laughter or from David shining light on the evil within us all.)

Imbi said to me last night, “We need to immediately order a copy of David’s book” when she saw his note about it on Facebook. I’m thinking we need to order more than one.

This is what I offered as an endorsement,

Humour. Pathos. The ugly and the beautiful. David’s unique gift exposes the joy and the pain in a God-centered life.

Others have said this,

David Hayward does what cartoonists do best: he makes you laugh, gets you on side, and then catches you unawares with a challenging thought that comes at you sideways. Unmissable!Maggi Dawn

“His work is raw, honest and intelligent.Jon Birch

Ever since I stumbled upon David’s cartoons, I’ve been hooked.Hemant Mehta

Through nakedpastor’s cartoons, I’ve been able to join other broken buddies as we pray and play on the fringes of the faith. By deconstructing the mounds of Jesus junk, we can catch fleeting glimpses of God.Becky Garrison

David’s cartoon’s are often funny, sometimes sad, always honest. I think of them as political cartoons that aren’t about politics: they express a longing or a frustration or challenge to think in a new way.Mark Oestreicher

Buy early. Buy often. They’ll make great gifts alongside any turkey – whether at Canadian Thanksgiving, All Hallows Eve, American Thanksgiving or Xmas.

ASIDE: After my announcement that I was back to serious blogging in early September, physical challenges prevented that happening. I fractured my tailbone in a fall in late August and it would appear – according to a recent chiropractic visit – that I also managed to give myself whiplash in said fall. Any typing (other than about 140 characters) has been far too painful. However, with the work of an incredibly gifted physio therapist (physical therapist to you Yanks) and a chiro, I appear to be on the mend.



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  1. Bill,

    Glad you are improving. Will look forward to you getting back to your more than 140 character self.



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