Tired of Turning Pages

kinnon —  October 20, 2010 — 6 Comments

This is somewhat pathetic.



I am somewhat pathetic.

I'm a fan of C.J. Sansom's Matthew Shardlake series. I devoured the first four books in the series – after Ben Witherington wrote about them. Most of my family and many of my friends have become Sansom fans because of the pleasure we have all experienced in the good reads he has provided. The next book in the series would only add to that pleasure.

At some point in the last year, when Amazon announced the fifth book, Heartstone, I must have pre-ordered it. Long before I ever considered becoming a Kindle-ite.

The book arrived two weeks ago. Imbi has already read it. And thoroughly enjoyed it.

I've read a bunch of other books on my Kindle 3 – but have resisted picking up the new Shardlake book. And not because I don't want to read it. But simply because I'd rather read it on my Kindle – and I'm just barely smart enough NOT to order and download it onto my device when we already own the Hardcover.

I just whined at Imbi about not wanting to read it as an actual book.

"I'd prefer to read it on my Kindle."

"What, have you forgotten how to turn physical pages? Are you too weak to pick the book up?"


But. Look. The book IS really big. And I'm old.




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6 responses to Tired of Turning Pages

  1. Really?

    This is what passes for your blog these days?

    [face palm]

    Pick up the book and consider it exercise 😉

  2. I guess I should have sent you my book Living Spiritual Rhythms electronically. Maybe turning pages keeps the fingers nimble, and that counts as exercise for the heart and mind.

  3. Which one should I start with? And no, I ain’t going Kindle yet, I still have the impulse and need to write in the margins … and if Kindle comes up with this option … I shall still reject it … because I WANT TO WRITE WITH A WRITING INSTRUMENT THAT I CAN FEEL IN MY HAND … peace bro

  4. Bill, are you saying you’ve “turned the page” on turning pages?

  5. did you download it yet?
    you can give the book away.

  6. Maybe I’m a old fart, but I really enjoy the old school of reading and page-turning, and using a REAL yellow highliter. 🙂


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