I Miss the iMonk

kinnon —  December 4, 2010 — 8 Comments

Blogdom is simply not as interesting, challenging or as much fun without Michael Spencer's voice. And I really miss our email conversations. Sigh.



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8 responses to I Miss the iMonk

  1. Me too.

  2. I was just thinking this the other day myself. :^/

  3. J. Michael Matkin December 5, 2010 at 1:13 am

    ugh. You had to remind me. I miss the brother, too.

  4. I gave his book to one of our students the other day, sparking a good hour long conversation about him. What an impact he left through his life and friendship.

  5. thanks to God for him and his prophetic presence in the Body of Christ…

  6. I miss the iMonk too.

    Never met him physically but his writings always blessed me because after reading iMonk, I felt like I knew him.

    The missing of iMonk was further amplified when Dan at Cerulean Sanctum posted that angry and uncalled for rebuke he received from a dissenter claiming that God’s wrath was on the iMonk and that iMonk’s death was the final straw of God’s wrath placed upon iMonk.

    RIP iMonk

  7. That email on DLE's post was what triggered this one, OFT.

  8. Me too, Bill. the iMOnk was a regular stop for me in my regular habit of perusing the Web.


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