Whinge Alert: Wish I Could Type More

kinnon —  December 3, 2010 — 6 Comments

If you’ve been reading my feeble posts this fall, you may have noticed that I haven’t engaged in many of the conversations I’ve started. Nor have I blogged as much as I would like to. The reason is a little mundane. It hurts to type.


In late August, both legs went out from under me as I slipped, stepping onto the wet deck of our lakefront at the cottage. I’d come down off the small hill above the deck, rather than use the stairs at the other end of the lakefront.

I landed on part of that rise rather than on the deck itself. Unfortunately, my tailbone managed to connect with the one prominent rock on that path – and was fractured in the process – my tailbone, that is. The rock is just fine.

If that wasn’t enough, it would seem that the fall may have also caused whiplash – and my spine hurts at both ends. The pinched nerves in my neck make it painful to type. The fractured coccyx made it hard to sit. (The tailbone is improving nicely. The neck, not so much.)

So. If you feel I’ve been remiss in responding to your more than pithy comments, please forgive me. My restraint is pain imposed.



A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

6 responses to Whinge Alert: Wish I Could Type More

  1. Is it appropriate for me to pray for your coccyx? Hope so — I’ll give it a try.

    (Ouch. Sorry to have you out of commission for all sorts of reasons, pain included.)

  2. Prayer much appreciated. Even if it's for a silly-named part of the body, eh!

  3. Bill I have difficulty typing but for different reasons..and have been using speech-to-text software and love it so much I use it even when my fingers aren’t hurting so much! It wont help your coccyx, but it might help keep the thoughts-to-blog process going by allowing you to speak rather than sit upright and type 🙂

    I pray your whole body, soul, mind and spirit are restored together in the power of the Holy Spirit

  4. Hoping for a quick recovery. We need your intelligent (mostly – just kidding) comments and incisive observations that you post on your blog (and elsewhere)…so much of what is written these days is mindless or sloppy or worse…

  5. That sounds incredibly painful! So sorry to hear this, Bill. Hope you are feeling better soon – it’s not the same out here in the wilds without you!

  6. Sorry for the continuing discomfort, brother. Dr. Mom suggests you get out to a store and find the homeopathic remedy Hypericum in the 6c or x potency (or whatever they have will be okay) … it will help with the nerve pain … and I hope your chiro is helping with the neck pain. I’ve been 10 years with that (but with three different accidents :^( ). Email with any questions.

    Love to you and Imbi….


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