Brother Maynard Smacks Pastor Mark Upside the Head

kinnon —  July 22, 2011 — 2 Comments

My friend and fellow ‘gator, Brent, the blogger formerly known as Brother Maynard… no… wait… still known as Brother Maynard – when he deigns to blog –  has a very long fuse. But. When it finally reaches the dynamite (or is that dunamis), watch out.

On Mark Driscoll’s recent Effiminagate,

Whatever would possess a well-known “successful” big-church pastor and author to go around suggesting that effeminate worship leaders should be publicly ridiculed and that David was much more masculine than the average worship leader because he started killing people as a kid? Um, yeah, are you serious? That’s your apologetic for a trucker who doesn’t like effeminate worship leaders? Hey, Mark, you ever think of suggesting the dude just try a different church? I’ve been told that not all worship leaders are the same… Might it be that the guy just didn’t like the worship leader? Mightn’t it be remotely possible that this fellow didn’t actually think that all Christians were effeminate and was rejecting God on that basis? Or is it really a better apologetic to reinforce the stereotype this guy already had, and characterize “proper” masculine behaviour as killing people in one’s youth.

And it’s so nice that your elders sat you down and told you to say things that were meaningful, but it seems to me they should have been saying, “DUDE! Tone it down or hit the streets! Oh, and we need you to issue a public apology.” But of course, these elders simply told you that you should say meaningful things. Important things. So thanks for not apologizing and promising instead to launch a website promoting your new book. I guess that was meaningful and important. So glad to learn that you’re accountable to someone who can get you to change your behaviour and your public statements when warranted.

Please go read it all.



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2 responses to Brother Maynard Smacks Pastor Mark Upside the Head

  1. My jaded and cynical take on these guys is that if they had not gained followers after themselves for a church, they would have found a stage somewhere.

    I had to laugh about the elders. Elders? What elders? After the Mars Hill coup a few years back, Driscoll rid himself of any vestage of what might have a morsel of the real thing.

  2. Well, first there was
    Now, there’s !!!


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